Harness the power of unstructured data

With innovative AI for healthcare


The key to saving human lives is understanding human words

Clinithink is a technology company built around CLiX, the world’s first Healthcare AI capable of truly understanding unstructured medical notes.

CLiX can recognize idioms, metaphors, turns of phrase, and all 72 different ways of saying ‘fractured left neck of femur’.

CLiX can read, understand and extrapolate from the meandering mass of deductions, hunches, opinions and observations that doctors use to describe conditions in real life.

Through CLiX, Clinithink can generate deeply human insights at superhuman speeds, to save time, money and even lives.

Because only CLiX really, truly, gets it.

Only CLiX, clicks. 


For Healthcare

Deeper insight into unstructured data to drive clinical documentation improvement & revenue integrity.

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For Channel Partners

AI generated insights into the healthcare data ecosystem to transform traditional data analytics.

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Latest news and information

NHS trusts to benefit from improved patient care and significant operational cost savings from new partnership.


East London NHS Foundation Trust is projected to save upwards of £840,000 of trust operational costs pa.

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US health systems managed to stabilize in 2022, but tough times are still to come in 2023.


How can AI help close the healthcare revenue gap to ease the burden of financial and staff difficulties?

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Clinithink and AstraZeneca launch first of its kind AI project aimed at detecting early-stage lung cancer


Clinithink has partnered with AstraZeneca Oncology UK in a new project that aims to find patients that could benefit from lung disease screening, leading to earlier diagnosis and potentially improving patient outcomes.

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How the ‘Covid hangover’ will stimulate uptake of healthtech in 2023


Chris Tackaberry, founder and CEO of Clinithink, explains why a left shift is needed and how AI can play a key role in tackling some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare in 2023, and beyond.

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AstraZeneca, Clinithink and PINC AI™ Applied Sciences win 2022 BWB Awards in Digital Medicine


PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS) and AstraZeneca, along with their partner Clinithink, have been chosen as the BWB Awards winner for innovative use of technology-enabled healthcare solutions in the Digital Medicine category.

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A data breakthrough: Using CNLP to improve population health


Non-communicable diseases including cancer, diabetes, strokes and dementia remain the cause of almost 70% of all deaths worldwide. Together they constitute another ‘epidemic’ which is putting healthcare budgets and frontline staff under enormous strain.

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Northwell Health signs ten-year deal with Clinithink to transform revenue cycle management using Natural Language Processing


Northwell Health, the largest healthcare provider in New York State has signed a ten-year agreement with Clinithink to use its CLiX revenue solution to improve accuracy in its revenue cycle management operations.

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University of Utah and Clinithink pioneer new approach to the care of sick newborns using AI technology


University of Utah Health, a world class healthcare provider and research institution has partnered with Clinithink to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in sick newborns at its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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AI technology at Barts Health spares at-risk diabetic patients from limb amputation


Thousands of diabetes patients could be spared a limb amputation thanks to ground-breaking AI technology that has helped Barts Health NHS Trust identify people at risk from complications.

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Clinithink delivers ‘hours to minutes’ ground-breaking analysis to save vital time in the care of sick newborns with rare disease.


Rapid diagnosis of a case at Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine (RCIGM) highlights the value of new advancements with AI in diagnostics

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During 2022, US health systems did manage to stabilize, but very tough times are still to come in 2023. How can AI help close revenue gap?


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