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Moving to the Forefront of Clinical Research - The Newcastle Story

October 24, 2019 / by Clinithink

In this film the research team at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (one of the UK’s leading clinical research centres) explains the impact Clinithink’s CLiX technology […]

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Clinithink's journey into AI

May 16, 2019 / by Clinithink

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The company you keep...

March 13, 2019 / by Clinithink

The Bio IT World Conference & Expo has a long standing reputation as being the premier event for showcasing IT and informatics applications and enabling technologies that drive biomedical […]

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Clinithink receives RARE Champion of Hope award for their ‘notable efforts’ in rare disease

September 06, 2018 / by Clinithink

Clinithink has been selected to receive the RARE Champion of Hope – Collaborations in Science and Technology award at the 7th Annual RARE Patient Advocacy Summit on October 4th in Irvine, […]

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Sarah Beeby joins Clinithink to champion its life sciences business

May 10, 2018 / by Clinithink
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Clinithink plays key role in achieving new world record for rapid diagnosis of rare genetic disorders

February 13, 2018 / by Clinithink

It’s not often in healthcare technology that we see a dramatic and immediate impact on a clinical outcome that results directly from the use of software. Often the benefits we ‘IT folks’ […]

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Patient Recruitment & Technology: Silver Bullet or Good as Gold?

June 01, 2017 / by Clinithink
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Waiver of HIPAA Authorization: Meeting IRB Requirements

April 18, 2017 / by Ann Bittinger

Protecting the patients who participate in clinical trials is a legal requirement and a top priority for owners of e-health databases. Health systems, academic medical centers and other […]

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CNLP Technology: Build or Buy?

April 03, 2017 / by Jack Kowitt
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Negating Lasagna’s Law

March 13, 2017 / by Clinithink

You know what it’s like. You take on a clinical trial convinced that you have enough of the right patients to meet recruitment targets. But you haven’t gotten very far down the funnel when […]

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