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Clinithink’s AI technology delivers rapid intelligence from unstructured healthcare data, empowering pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations to focus their time, money, and resources more effectively - leading to better, more affordable healthcare.

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Today’s reality

Healthcare organisations are facing mounting challenges, with staffing shortages, rising operational costs, increasingly complex personalised medicine, as well as the impact of ageing populations. Add to that the rapid increase in the volume of unstructured healthcare data, which GenAI will further accelerate, and it's clear to see there are some major challenges ahead.

A previous report by the World Economic Forum indicated as much as 97% of hospital data goes unused, only ever to be archived. This, therefore, represents a huge opportunity for the entire healthcare ecosystem to leverage the rich source of untapped data to enhance market and patient insights.

From raw data to invaluable insights

Clinithink's record-breaking CLiX® intelligence platform harnesses the power of AI technology to reveal valuable actionable insights hidden deep within the free text of healthcare data. 

Trusted by leading pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations, the CLiX® intelligence platform analyses millions of documents in a matter of hours instead of the months or years it would otherwise take clinicians to review manually. 

By rapidly surfacing vital insights from this vast untapped source of data, Clinithink's patented CLiX® technology, developed over a decade, enables our customers and partners to focus their time, money and resources more effectively.


Our purpose


The world’s electronic medical data holds infinite answers.

It can improve patient care, clinical outcomes and resource allocation. It can help us to diagnose rare disease. And, it is vital to proper reimbursement. But, until now, revealing these infinite answers in a sea of data has been a struggle. The reason? Most of the data needed to answer important questions in healthcare is in narrative, free text form. Until now, manual review was the only way to extract it.

Clinithink’s solutions shine a spotlight on this valuable gold mine of information. Deciphering critical insights that would otherwise lie undiscovered, our solutions provide answers. 

Whether its to better understand a vulnerable population or to highlight important phenotypes, with CLiX technology, healthcare decision-makers have better information. This helps improves patient outcomes, tackle inequalities and enhance clinical productivity - changing the whole healthcare landscape.

Our story


Medicine always starts with understanding. That’s why doctors write notes, to capture a picture of their patient’s clinical story to help understand that patient’s history and current status - informing hypotheses about what’s wrong, how to investigate to establish diagnoses and, of course, how to treat. These thoughts, observations, ideas and plans are carefully documented by physicians at the point of care. Twenty years ago, most of this vital information was hand-written. Now, its all typed and its all machine-readable. 

As former practising physicians, Peter Johnson and Chris Tackaberry created and referenced these unstructured clinical notes every day to ensure the optimal outcome for their patients - just like every single one of their colleagues. The advent of machine-readable forms of this information created the opportunity to extract it at a scale and speed that would otherwise be impossible manually. The vision and amazing foresight they had was for tools and applications based on the emerging thinking in AI and language models that could harness this unreachable, rich clinical data, to create value and help improve patient care. But that was over ten years ago, when they founded Clinithink in 2009.

Fast forward, more than a decade, and Clinithink’s CLiX intelligence platform and the many applications built on it are now being utilised across a range of pharmaceutical, healthcare and government organisations, for a wide variety of purposes. By surfacing detailed patient data insights at scale using Clinithink solutions, our customers and partners are realising major change and benefits, relating to disease management, healthcare reimbursement, as well as the development and market access for new medicines.


Our solutions


Our CLiX® intelligence technology provides the foundation for our suite of targeted AI solutions that are helping solve some of the most complex challenges in healthcare today.

AI for Real-World Evidence

AI for Real-World Evidence

World-leading AI technology that rapidly identifies and characterises patient populations in hours not years

AI for Revenue Cycle

AI for Revenue Cycle

High-performance, easy-to-integrate revenue cycle solutions that improve clinical documentation, reduce denials and increase successful appeals.

AI for Population Health

AI for Population Health

Unlock actionable insights to improve population health outcomes, tackle inequalities and enhance clinical productivity

AI for Rare Disease

AI for Rare Disease

Rapidly identify rare diseases, shorten the diagnostic odyssey, and improve patients’ quality of life