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Introducing CLiX® intelligence - The enterprise class AI technology transforming healthcare intelligence

Deeper, faster, more accurate insights 

Record-breaking AI technology delivering rapid intelligence from unstructured healthcare data


Saving clinical time, and optimising resource

Focus time, money, and resources more effectively to deliver better, more affordable healthcare



Improving patient outcomes

Helping address complex challenges in healthcare and life sciences, such as population health and identifying patients for clinical trials

Why CLiX® intelligence matters?


Clinithink’s patented technology underpins the CLiX® intelligence platform, which provides the foundation for our range of AI solutions.

By rapidly surfacing vital insights from vast untapped sources of data, Clinithink's  CLiX® technology, enables our customers and partners to focus their time, money and resources more effectively.

The CLiX intelligence platform utilises state-of-the-art enterprise class technologies ensuring not just superior levels of performance, reliability and scalability, but robust security features as well as seamless integration with the healthcare data ecosystem.

CLiX intelligence is capable of processing large quantities of unstructured data (contained within electronic medical documents) in only a matter of milliseconds. 

CLiX intelligence is also able to understand a vast number of unique and detailed clinical concepts, including variations that relate to; negation, certainty, severity, laterality and temporality. It can decipher a large range of misspellings and acronyms, based on its exposure to more than 4 billion words of English medical text. Plus, it can derive computable structured data from free-text by using a patented technique that maps the input data it ‘reads’, and comparing it to the structured clinical vocabulary of SNOMED clinical terms, using a comprehensive language model, developed over more than a decade. 

Analyses clinical data at lightning speed

CLiX® technology can process and analyse millions of clinical documents in just a matter of hours -  instead of the months or years it would otherwise take clinicians to review manually.  

Deep understanding of clinical concepts
Over 1.5 billion possible SNOMED expressions representing clinical ideas or concepts are recognised by CLiX. The platform has been exposed to more than 4 billion words of medical English over the course of its development. The technology also recognises more than 500,000 synonyms, acronyms and misspellings.
Scalable, so it grows as you do

CLiX intelligence provides a performant, secure and robust enterprise class architecture that scales effortlessly to support high levels of concurrent users working with very large datasets.

Ensures you’re always in control

Onsite application within your existing security infrastructure gives you the power to maintain control over data and security, ensuring the highest level of protection for patient information. 

Reduces total costs of ownership
Cost-effective to maintain and support, optimising operational efficiency so you can allocate resources effectively to impact patient care and address strategic goals.
Easy to deploy

Application and database server configuration provided saving time and effort for hard-pressed IT teams. 

What Clinithink customers and partners say...

"Having carefully evaluated Clinithink, we have partnered with them to bring this automation process to our system in a strategic ten-year deal. With Clinithink, we can now extend our revenue cycle review without increasing staff costs. This, along with support for denials management will enable us to use Clinithink’s cutting-edge technology in critical revenue cycle activities which in turn ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of our patients."

Dr. Gerard Brogan
MD, Chief Revenue Officer for Northwell Health

"We are pleased to have worked with Clinithink and The Access Group within the pilot phase of this exciting new technology addressing patient data analysis.

In the limited time a clinician has to prepare for an appointment, the in-depth analysis of the unstructured notes that this system can achieve simply wouldn’t be possible manually."

Toby Baldwin
Interim Chief Clinical Digital Officer for East London NHS Foundation Trust
testimonials nhs east london

"Some people call this artificial intelligence, we call it augmented intelligence.

Patient care will always begin and end with the doctor and by harnessing the power of technology we can quickly and accurately determine the root cause of genetic diseases."

Stephen Kingsmore
President & CEO Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine, San Diego
testimonials radys
“Addressing healthcare ecosystem challenges to enable earlier detection and diagnosis of cancer is one of our UK oncology missions. Focusing specifically on early detection of lung cancer, our partnership with Clinithink is a great example within AstraZeneca Oncology of an external partnership with the common goal of improving UK cancer outcomes.” 
Dr. Satoshi Hori
Oncology Medical Affairs Head at AstraZeneca Oncology UK
testimonials astrazeneca