AI for Real-World Evidence

Leverage the power of real-world data (RWD) to identify and understand, specific patient cohorts, in a matter of hours and days, not months and years.

Transforming real-world data into valuable insights

Whether its identifying the patient cohort most likely to benefit from a new medicine or label, or determining the eligibility of a patient cohort for a clinical trial, it is always a challenging, expensive, and time-intensive process. The critical intelligence needed to assess detailed clinical and social characteristics against very specific cohort criteria, is buried deep within the unstructured data of medical records.

Clinithink's proven CLiX® intelligence platform uses AI technology to comb the unstructured data of medical records, searching for signals of interest to pinpoint patient populations in hours, not years. By delivering rapid actionable insights, our suite of CLiX solutions generate real-world evidence to help pharma organisations assess market potential, reduce launch-related expenditure and improve access for better patient outcomes.

By leveraging the power of AI and extracting the unique insights from real world data, our customers and partners are using CLiX unlock enterprise alongside individual health systems to automate what would otherwise be a very expensive, time consuming manual chart review. 

To facilitate analysis across very large, federated datasets, CLiX panoramic aggregates the de-identified detailed clinical data from a collective of individual participating health systems. 

Our solutions for Real-World Evidence


CLiX® unlock enterprise

Leverage the power of real-world data to rapidly identify patient cohorts and help accurately assess market potential, reduce launch-related expenditure, improve access and identify patients for clinical trials.


CLiX® panoramic

Take language model-based analysis of unstructured data to the next level. Interrogate large datasets made up of de-identified clinical and social data drawn from the federated network of health systems using Clinithink's CLiX panoramic to gain powerful, invaluable insights.