AI for Revenue Cycle

Keep productivity high and resource costs low by improving clinical documentation. Reduce denials with CLiX® cdi and increase the number of successful appeals with CLiX® denials.

Improve clinical documentation and reduce costly denials

From denials management to enhancing Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), healthcare systems face growing demands on stretched revenue cycle teams and mounting financial challenges. Identifying gaps in clinical documentation and managing the increasing number of denials is frequently error-prone, and the process consumes time, money and precious resources, leaving your staff pressured to do more with less.

Clinithink's proven CLiX® intelligence platform uses AI technology to make revenue cycle management more effective. By rapidly reading and understanding the unstructured data in medical records, our CLiX® technology enables you to strengthen clinical documentation without adding to revenue cycle team overhead.

Deployed behind your firewall, CLiX cdi and CLiX denials solutions are easy to integrate and implement into your existing RCM workflow and applications. Users can immediately see the original source text in context to quickly identify documentation gaps and verify evidence of medical necessity flagged by the system.

Our solutions for Revenue Cycle


CLiX® cdi


For Clinical Documentation Improvement

Improve charge capture and reduce denials, by strengthening clinical documentation and automating utilization review with CLiX cdi.


CLiX® denials


For Appeals Management

Rapidly identify clinical evidence in documentation to support appeals, saving valuable time and resource with CLiX denials.