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Apply the language of doctors to a healthcare data ecosystem

CLiX applies the language of doctors to a healthcare data ecosystem to create insights that can transform traditional healthcare data analytics and revenue enhancement.

Experts estimate that as much as 80% of the data contained within electronic medical systems is unstructured – made up of typed or dictated physician’s notes and correspondence that might include discharge letters, surgical notes and primary care notes.

But this unstructured clinical narrative is incredibly valuable – it contains reams of highly relevant and richly detailed information that the structured and coded data simply does not provide.

Until now, most enterprise data investments have focused solely on structured data assets. But Clinithink’s CLiX offers a way of investing in this untapped data asset – unlocking the unstructured narrative within it, re-expressing that narrative as structured information, facilitating a deeper understanding of healthcare data, and therefore enabling more robust data-driven decisions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.

The insights CLiX produces are now being used by healthcare provider organizations (or their service providers) to positively impact any number of areas including care quality, outcome measurement, case mix analysis and value-based pricing.

CLiX insights are also enabling service partners to offer value-added data analytics and data science consulting services such as predictive modelling, risk assessment, revenue optimization or population-based healthcare needs assessment.


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