CLiX focus

Enabling a new approach to the diagnosis of rare disease


CLiX focus for healthcare

CLiX focus, based on rich and detailed SNOMED terminology, can rapidly identify specific phenotypic variations associated individual rare diseases, helping physicians speed up diagnosis, and expediting correct treatment,

And if CLiX focus is used to take a Phenotype First approach to the analysis of population-wide clinical data, then transformational national screening programs become a reality and the diagnostic odyssey endured by many sufferers of rare disease can be brought to an end.


Refocus your view of the rare disease landscape with CLiX focus.

Read 2 million documents per hour
Search 12,000 phenotype descriptions in seconds
Extract 28 times more phenotypes than with manual review

What CLiX focus users say

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, we call it augmented intelligence. Patient care will always begin and end with the doctor and by harnessing the power of technology we can quickly and accurately determine the root cause of genetic diseases.”

Stephen Kingsmore, President & CEO Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine, San Diego

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