CLiX unlock

Drive population health and optimize care delivery with new levels of powerful analytic insight


CLiX unlock for healthcare

At Clinithink we specialize in innovative thinking and new AI approaches to tackling complex healthcare business challenges.

We know that harnessing and understanding unstructured medical data creates the most enormous opportunities to transform the management of treatment pathways, the reduction of costs and the management of population health.

CLiX unlock analyzes the unstructured data within every patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) data to deliver sets of unique clinical analytic insights that transform the way healthcare providers make (and validate) business decisions.

Powerful interactive visualizations, see what is going on
A new view for population health, risk stratification & care provision
Organize data in a hospital, a health system or an HIE

What CLiX unlock users say

“This is an innovative way to build on our current capabilities to help our patients and physicians avoid gaps in care, find and treat undiagnosed diseases and, ultimately, improve the quality (and lower the cost) of the healthcare we offer.”

Customer feedback in the KLAS-Chime Partnership Performance Report into Healthcare AI 2019

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