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Premier Inc. Partners with Clinithink to Offer Deeper Real-World Data Insights

Posted by Clinithink on 23/03/2021

Clinithink and Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company, have signed a strategic partnership that will enable Premier customers to benefit from Clinithink’s award-winning CLiX technology to harness the power of unstructured real-world data (RWD).

Based on the CLiX technology, CLiX unlock automates manual chart review and can process millions of documents in hours thanks to its ground-breaking clinical natural language processing (NLP) ability. CLiX unlock provides deep, actionable insights that dramatically reduce the time and cost of clinical research and enables much deeper understanding of care pathways to expand access to new medicines for patients.

Premier unites an alliance of more than 4,100 hospitals and health systems and more than 210,000 other providers and organizations. Under the partnership announced today, Premier will be able to offer Clinithink’s CLiX unlock solution to its members, to enable them to derive value and patient benefit from the unstructured data in their electronic health records. In addition, the Premier Applied Sciences® (PAS) division of Premier will leverage this capability to provide RWD insights to its life sciences customers. CLiX unlock will enable them to find patients for research and studies in very complex therapeutic areas, such as oncology where there are more than 16,000 actively recruiting trials, as well as improve patient recruitment and site identification for clinical trials, where estimates put the rate of participation as low as three percent of trial candidates.

“I have been in this industry for over 30 years and have never been so excited about the potential for new technologies to unlock healthcare intelligence,” said Denise Juliano, Group Vice President of Life Sciences at Premier. “Our members are looking to emerging technology to optimize processes and improve productivity. NLP has the power to change how we conduct research and improve access to new treatments for patients. We collaborated very successfully with Clinithink on an earlier project requiring extensive use of unstructured data and we are very pleased to have put this strategic relationship in place. “

PAS accelerates care alignment with evidence-based guidelines and best practices to enhance clinical performance, identify effective interventions and help improve patient outcomes. PAS also partners with life science companies on all aspects of clinical trials, data registries, market analysis and physician support as new treatments are introduced to the market.

Dr Chris Tackaberry, CEO and Co-founder of Clinithink, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by PAS as their NLP partner to drive deeper real-world data insights. Premier’s reach and depth of experience creates a fantastic opportunity for our technology to make a significant contribution to healthcare improvement.”

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Clinithink’s platform delivers the deepest, fastest and most accurate analysis of unstructured data across patient populations currently possible. Whether it’s to better understand a vulnerable population, highlight important phenotypes or to reduce the risk of denied claims for providers, Clinithink’s solutions provide healthcare decision-makers with better information and insight. Through automation, these insights can be gained in a fraction of the time of that manual processing would require and at reduced cost.

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