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TrustHCS Partners with Clinithink to Add Artificial Intelligence to their Revenue Cycle Offerings

Posted by Clinithink on 19/08/2019

TrustHCS Partners with Clinithink to Add Artificial Intelligence to their Revenue Cycle Offerings


August 20, 2019 – Today sees the launch of a strategic new revenue cycle partnership. Powered by Clinithink’s CLiX and TrustHCS’ renowned reputation in clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and health information management (HIM), the combined offering enables TrustHCS to significantly reduce the costs associated with 2nd line CDI review and denial appeals by using advanced AI and Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP).

The current rise in clinical denials is creating a demand for better technology and expertise to handle the surging resource cost and accounts receivables impact. Until now, models of computer-aided coding and CDI have been unable to bridge this gap, but Clinithink’s platform, accurately reads and understands deep clinical concepts that traditional NLPs have been unable to attribute meaning to.

“After reviewing a number of platforms CLiX revenue was the first that could capture the deep clinical meaning critical to support high cost DRGs, but still avoid frustrating false positives. False positives drive up costs for us by creating rabbit holes that our CDI teams then have to chase. This new approach will allow us to ensure our client’s documentation supports the claim on both the front and the back end,” explains Cathy Brownfield, COO of TrustHCS.

TrustHCS CEO Torrey Barnhouse adds “The addition of this innovative technology supports our continued evolution and growth as industry leaders. Healthcare organizations are struggling to recruit and retain HIM / Revenue Integrity leadership and expertise. With CLiX revenue we are able to bridge that gap for them and quickly deliver results on an unprecedented scale and pace, reducing costs and driving revenue back to our clients.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with TrustHCS, a world leader in the CDI and HIM space” said Chris Tackaberry, CEO of Clinithink. “Our R&D teams have spent over 10 years developing an AI platform that is comprehensive enough to identify granular clinical concepts that can really change workflow for companies like Trust HCS, enabling more robust documentation that can reduce cost within the healthcare revenue cycle for the long term”.

About TrustHCS:

TrustHCS partners with healthcare organizations to provide quality staffing and advisory services that improve financial strength. Our middle-revenue cycle management solution advances the reliability, integrity and performance of our clients’ financial health. Our purpose is to help clinicians, HIM, revenue cycle and clinical documentation improvement leaders gain visibility, increase insight and strengthen the economic outcome of every patient encounter. Learn more about TrustHCS

About Clinithink:

Clinithink’s platform delivers the deepest, fastest and most accurate analysis currently possible of unstructured clinical data across patient populations. When used in revenue cycle, our analyses provide HIM professionals with the knowledge they need to quickly and accurately validate clinical documentation. It enables our partners to provide swift analysis for gaps in documentation to speed reimbursement and drive revenue back to their client’s bottom lines. For further information visit

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