CLiX revenue

Reduce the time & cost of revenue cycle management to refocus resources


CLiX revenue for healthcare

By extracting the rich, unstructured data from a patient’s electronic medical record, CLiX revenue delivers deeper, faster and more accurate evidence to support the workflow of your claims teams - minimizing collection cost and maximizing reimbursement for your healthcare organization.

Resubmit denied claims with supporting evidence
Avoid denials by identifying missing documentation
Augment your CDI team’s efforts

What CLiX revenue users say

“We are projecting up to 10% higher reimbursements per bed thanks to CLiX revenue”

“With CLiX we are able to quickly deliver results on an unprecedented scale and pace, reducing costs and driving revenue"

“CLiX can capture the deep clinical meaning critical to support high cost DRGs, but can still avoid frustrating false positives”

Customer feedback in the KLAS-Chime Partnership Performance Report into Healthcare AI 2019


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