CLiX unlock enterprise

Rapidly identify at-risk patient cohorts within large populations in a matter of hours with CLiX® unlock enterprise.

CLiX® unlock enterprise

Population health relies on being able to identify relatively small patient cohorts who will benefit from proactive intervention within large populations. Too often the criteria that define the cohort at risk are very detailed and cannot be found using coded billing data. By utilising the power of CLiX unlock enterprise, health systems can now benefit from AI to find at-risk patient groups rapidly, without the need for extensive manual review.

Why use CLiX unlock enterprise?


Rapidly interrogate data

Reduces the elapsed time and effort needed to analyse large volumes of clinical data.


Identify the critical signals

Pin-points the granular clinical signals to understand your population and find at-risk groups quickly.

Optimise resource efficiency

Minimises manual chart review, releases clinical time. 


Key features & benefits

Key Feature:

Analyses clinical free text written by physicians during the delivery of care in documents such as discharge summaries, radiology reports, etc.


Obtain very detailed insights into clinical data that cannot be gained from structured coded data.

Key Feature:

Built to operate at large scale on millions of documents.


Save elapsed time and cost to gain population-level insights and identify at-risk groups rapidly.

Key Feature:

Supports a patient-centric model.


Longitudinal analysis of detailed clinical signals and patterns.

What CLiX® unlock enterprise users say...

“We are pleased to have worked with Clinithink and The Access Group within the pilot phase of this exciting new technology addressing patient data analysis. In the limited time a clinician has to prepare for an appointment, the in-depth analysis of the unstructured notes that this system can achieve simply wouldn't be possible manually. As a result, this technology has the potential to really improve both patient care and patient safety through safer prescribing, as an example” 
Toby Baldwin
Interim Chief Clinical Digital Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust

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