Our story

Medicine starts with understanding.

That’s why doctors write notes – to capture a picture of their patient’s clinical story that will help understand that patient’s symptoms and determine how best to treat them.

In the 1990s Peter Johnson and Chris Tackaberry were practising clinicians – doctors who created and referenced these unstructured clinical notes every day in order to ensure optimal outcome for their patients.

At that time, what frustrated these doctors was their inability to extend this deep analysis of the unstructured narrative to every single patient in a population. Outside of their own written notes, they found themselves limited by the confines of structured data.

Consequently, one of those doctors left medicine to work in the development of electronic medical records, whilst the other embarked on a new career in AI and natural language processing. But in 2009 the two doctors came back together to form Clinithink – a company that would harness the power of emerging artificial intelligence to extract the rich, unstructured patient data that was previously out of these young doctor’s grasp, but that they believed held the key to understanding every patient.

Some ten years later Clinithink’s CLiX technology is market leading. The CLiX insight platform is being adopted by life science, healthcare and government organisations. And Clinithink is delivering patient data insights that are changing the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease forever.