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Clinithink Launches Healthcare Solutions to Access and Activate Untapped Clinical Data

Posted by Clinithink on 19/03/2014

March 19, 2014 – Clinithink, the world-leader in Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) technology, launched its suite of CLiX solutions to translate unstructured clinical narrative.

“As the healthcare industry grapples with the growing demand to derive meaning from analytics and Big Data, EMR workflow dissatisfaction, and the shift in the US to ICD-10, we believe many of the answers lie within unstructured clinical data,” stated Clinithink CEO, Dr. Chris Tackaberry. “Clinithink is committed to developing innovative technology to enhance understanding of clinical language. By unlocking unstructured healthcare data and making it consumable we enable our partners and their customers to drive improvements in workflow, performance and outcomes.”

Clinithink’s CLiX technology is the first of its kind to be made available to the healthcare industry as an interactive service enabling healthcare data solutions vendors, providers, coding staff, clinical researchers, quality care managers and payers to access, and consume previously inaccessible digital clinical notes and narrative. CLiX insight can maximise the value of the data already produced to increase the accuracy of analytics solutions, improve care coordination, gain deeper insight for clinical decision support at the point of care and optimise financial performance.

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