AI for Perfect Focus

Harnessing the power of unstructured data to change how we see the healthcare landscape


Artificial intelligence that speaks the language of doctors for transformative insight into medical data

Clinithink’s CLiX technology delivers deeper, faster and more accurate insights for  healthcare by using Artificial Intelligence to create rich and structured meaning from the unstructured narrative within a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR).

Designed by clinicians, Clinithink's patented CLiX technology uses SNOMED-based Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) to automate the review of this EMR data.

Our platform, CLiX insight, has been developed to offer the most advanced query capabilities - capabilities that can turn unstructured narrative data into valuable, focused insights.

And, because these CLiX insights can be used in such a wide variety of ways, we have also developed three distinct CLiX insight solutions - all of which use CNLP-generated insights to solve complex challenges in healthcare.

2.5 billion medical words
1.8 million clinical expressions
12,000 phenotypes

The Three CLiX insight Solutions


In CLiX unlock enterprise we are delivering new levels of analytic insight that help optimize the provision and reimbursement of care for any healthcare organization

Unlock your data
CLiX focus

In CLiX focus we provide a rich library of over 12,000 rare disease phenotypes to search for in narrative data in seconds. 


Speed up diagnosis of rare disease
CLiX revenue

In CLiX revenue we are supplying robust clinical evidence that reduces the time and cost of revenue cycle management so that care resources can be refocused

Help my revenue team

CLiX CNLP explained

Thanks to its superb Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) algorithms abilities, CLiX can process any unstructured data (within any electronic medical document) in seconds, as long as it has normal English-language sentence structure and punctuation. But what makes CLiX different to any other form of CNLP technology is that, by also mapping the data it ‘reads’ to the structured clinical vocabulary of SNOMED Clinical Terms, CLiX is able to understand a vast number of unique and detailed clinical concepts (expressed in physician’s notes in billions of potential permutations) such as certainty, severity, laterality and temporality.


CLiX is Compliant

Unstructured clinical narrative is either passed through CLiX via an API call or transferred via HL7, FHIR or PDF.  Secure data transfer occurs behind the customer’s firewall or across a secure connection which Clinithink ensures is compliant with HIPAA and other relevant regulations at all times.