Better Healthcare
For Patients

Benefit from unique levels of insight into your healthcare business and change how you care for your patients


Innovative AI technology that is changing the healthcare landscape

As a healthcare provider one of the biggest challenges you face is how to lower the cost of care, improve the patient experience, and improve the overall health of your population.

Clinithink provides innovative AI solutions to tackle the complexities of these challenges in the healthcare sector.

Clinithink's world class CLiX insight platform can be used to answer any number of healthcare business queries - providing you with the opportunity to manage patient pathways, reduce costs and improve financial & resource management across your entire healthcare organization.

Not only saving you time and money, but ultimately enabling you to provide better care for your patients individually and as a whole.

We offer different solutions on the CLiX insight platform, each helping you address a specific challenge.

A new approach to the diagnosis of rare disease & the management of health

Focus on rare disease

Unique analytic insight to optimise the provision and efficacy of care

Unlock your data

Innovative disruption for healthcare’s core claims processes

Help my revenue team
Read 2 million documents per hour
Diagnose rare disease in record breaking time
Find the evidence to appeal every denial

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